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Oklahoma State University

Sarah Ayres

Sarah Ayres
Academic Counselor
421c Engineering North
Stillwater, OK 74078


Majors Advised: Chemical Engineering

About Sarah: am the oldest with three younger brothers and used to make my younger brothers play 'school' in the summer where I spent time setting up and helping them get ready for school. I guess I always wanted to help people get ready for school.

Hometown: Pryor, OK

High School: Pryor High School

College: Oklahoma City University; Kansas State University

  • Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance

  • Master of Science - Academic Advising

Hobbies: Piano; Reading; Playing with my Dog; Learning to sew, knit, and crochet

Favorite Music: I really have a place on my iPod for nearly anything

Favorite Movie: Again, I don't really have a favorite, but I do love the comic book/super hero movies

Favorite Book: Also, I read a great many things, my most recent favorite is "The Tethering" which was written by one of my college roommates and was just published!

Favorite OSU Memory: I used to come up to Stillwater a few times a year while I was in college and it was about five years before I could come and not get lost on my way, and I was going to the same place every time. For years OSU was 'the place I always got lost"

Something not everyone knows about you: I love archery and one of my favorite things to relieve stress is go shoot some arrows.

Favorite Quote: "Let the lamp become what the light wants it to be"

Favorite Website: