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Oklahoma State University

The Assignment

The syllabus and assignment packet is available from the CEAT Career Services Coordinator or on Desire2Learn (D2L). The Coordinator is also the Instructor for the course. All assignments are due to the Coordinator/Instructor.

The syllabus and assignment packet include several items that are to be completed including the Worksite Information Sheet, the Work Term Summary, Student Evaluation of Work Experience, Employer Evaluation, and the Transmittal Letter. Be aware of the due dates for each of these items. The Instructor/Coordinator is not responsible for reminding you of miss-ing assignment parts or deadlines.

Guidelines are provided for the technical report. The report will be graded by a faculty member who represents your department. Since the report is worth over 65% of the course grade, it is important to write it professionally. Many students find that one of the projects, reports, or presentations they have done during the work experience will work well for the technical re-port. If you have any questions about expectations or content, contact the Coordinator/Instructor. You may be directed to the faculty grader for specific information about the report.

All items are due by 5:00 pm on the specified due date. Points will be deducted for each day after the deadline and for each missing item. It is your responsibility to budget your time, plan for mailing or shipping time, and make sure your report is in the Coordinator/Instructor’s office by the due date. Allowances can be made with advance notice in the case of extenuating circumstances. “I’ve been busy” is not an acceptable extenuating circumstance. The report and all other assignment components are to be submitted to the Coordinator/Instructor. You may submit your assignments through D2L, e-mail, or “snail” mail . Faxes are not accepted due to poor quality and potential technical difficulties. Under no circumstances should the technical report be faxed.