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Oklahoma State University

Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology (FPST)

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2019-20 Flowchart (pdf)

2015-16 Flowchart (pdf)

Major Description:

The fire protection and safety curriculum provides preparation for assessing and reducing the loss potential in the industrial setting with respect to fire, safety, industrial hygiene, and hazardous material incidents With respect to fire, reducing the loss potential might involve setting design criteria with a special emphasis on life safety or fire resistivity or specifying automatic detection or extinguishment systems. When considering safety, reducing accidents may require special protective equipment or clothing, or the redesign of machinery or processes. Reducing losses caused by environmental problems may require sampling air for contaminants, such as asbestos or toxic chemicals, or monitoring noise levels, and the development of procedures to address practical approaches to compliance with state and federal regulations. Addressing the problems of handling and disposing of hazardous chemicals, such as spill control, is of ten required. Managing risk and compliance with federal laws and regulations relative to occupational safety and health and hazardous materials is an increasingly important job activity.

For more information on courses needed and plans of study, contact an academic advisor at 405-744-5276.

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