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Oklahoma State University

Electrical Engineering (ECEN)

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Major Description:

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at OSU offers two undergraduate, ABET accredited degrees: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. During the first two years of study (i.e., pre-professional school), students complete an educational program consisting of mathematics, physical sciences, engineering sciences, and selected courses in the humanities and social sciences. Upon satisfactory completion of the pre-professional school requirements the student is admitted into the Professional School of the department. During this time each student gains both breadth and depth knowledge in various electrical and computer engineering topics, such as digital electronics, computers, signal processing, electromagnetics, control systems, power systems, communication theory, and analog electronics. The student experience culminates in a senior design, team-based capstone project that focusses on a particular area of study. Both degree programs strongly emphasize the mastery of fundamentals, computer-based projects, and hands-on laboratory experience.

For more information please contact an academic advisor within CEAT at 405-744-5276 or within ECE at 405-744-5151.

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