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Oklahoma State University

Architectural Engineering (ARCE)

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2019-20 Flowchart (pdf)
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Major Description:

"The OSU Architectural Engineering Program offers a five year ABET accredited Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree and a one year post-professional Master of Architectural Engineering degree.

The Bachelor of Architectural Engineering program’s primary objective is to provide basic and professional education to engineering students primarily in building-related structural engineering. We endeavor to produce graduates who possess broad-based knowledge, skills, and judgment that will prepare them to succeed in the profession of architectural engineering or in further studies at the graduate level.

The program is designed to prepare the student to contribute to society as a professional engineer dealing with analysis, design, and related activities within the construction industry. Further, the program seeks to utilize the broad resources of the University, to exploit a close relationship with the architectural program and to provide in-depth understanding of the professional field and a sensitivity to other less technical concerns related to the building environment faced by architectural engineers.

While the primary focus of the Architectural Engineering program is the safe and economical design of structural systems used in buildings, our students are also exposed to the basic engineering principals of environmental control systems. Our program is fortunate to share space, equipment, other facilities, faculty, and many common courses with the Architecture Program. Our students graduate with an understanding of problems faced by architects with whom they are closely associated in professional practice."

For more information on courses needed and plans of study, contact an academic advisor at 405-744-5276.

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