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Oklahoma State University

Co-op Application Process

Begin these steps at the start of the semester prior to the term for which you are seeking employment.

  1. Schedule an appointment with Andrea Haken, the CEAT Career Services Consultant, at (405) 744-7574, to receive the information and materials you will need to complete before you can begin the referral process. Bring the completed documents listed below. Please be prepared to discuss your preferences on Co-op employers and locations. You will need to work with the Coordinator to mutually decide which employers your application will be sent.
  2. Complete each of the forms in the Co-op information packet and return to 101 EN.
    Required forms include:
    • Co-op Student Agreement
    • Release of Information Form
    • Work-Study Plan Form
    • Cooperative Education Student Registration

    The Work/Study Plan must be signed by the appropriate Faculty Co-op Advisor. If you need assistance with the Work/Study Plan, schedule an appointment with your Advisor. You will also need to provide a current Grade Report.

  3. Research potential job openings in which you might be interested. You may locate your own Co-op position or pursue positions from the CEAT Co-op Employer list. Check employer websites, read brochures and student evaluations about previous Co-op assignments, and talk with students who are participating tin the Co-op program to get ideas.
  4. When your application file is completed and you have discussed your Co-op opportunities with the Coordinator, your material will be submitted to the prospective employers along with a letter of referral from the Coordinator. Your application file will not be considered complete unless it contains each of the documents listed in Step 2 and additional required forms you will receive in your first meeting with the Coordinator.
  5. Not all companies require an interview. In some cases, a decision is made based solely on your application materials. Generally, telephone interviews are utilized. Be prepared for a call at any time — even during the early mornings! In other situations, you may be requested to go to the company for an on-site interview. Be sure you are aware of those companies who interview on campus so that you will have an appointment scheduled with them through the OSU HIRE System.
  6. Generally, employers will contact you within three to four weeks after receiving your application to schedule an interview or notify you as to their decision regarding hiring. Sometimes the wait is longer. At some time, you should receive a letter or phone call of acceptance or rejection of the offer. Notify the CEAT Career Services Coordinator of your acceptance as soon as possible. If you applied to more than one company, you should also write the other companies and inform them that you have accepted another offer.
  7. You will receive further instructions concerning enrollment, course requirements, etc.
  8. Complete the online orientation or attend an orientation session.