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Oklahoma State University

Antonio Valencia

Piedmont, OK
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major

Gaming, designing and building radio-controlled model aircraft and ships, flying model aircraft, drone racing, astrophotography, videography

Favorite Music: 

Most songs from the band M83

Favorite Books: 

Tigers in the Mud

Favorite Quote: 

"When in doubt, use Google." - Antonio Valencia, 2018

Favorite Thing About OSU: 

Many of the students are quite nice and are willing to help!

Something Not Everyone Knows About Me: 

I like to do research on naval craft designs just for fun, and use those skills to design and print a giant 3D printed radio-controlled ship.

Best Advice For Freshmen: 

Get a bicycle as soon as possible because it takes roughly five minutes to get anywhere on campus when you have one, which is quite fast compared to walking (under certain circumstances, of course)