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Oklahoma State University

Advising FAQ

Go to to schedule an appointment with your advisor. If you are having trouble with the star system, you are also welcome to stop by our front desk and make an appointment.

Appointments are available each day from 9:00-11:30 and from 1:15-4:00. You can make an appointment on the Star System ( or come to the front desk of our office and make an appointment.

There are multiple options on campus. The Math department offers tutoring specific to their courses, as do many other departments on campus. The Math tutoring is on the 5th floor of the Library. You can check with these departments for more information. The CEAT offers tutoring through our Academic Excellence Center in 178 Cordell. This tutoring is offered, free of charge, specifically for students in CEAT. The tutoring is offered by students in our college that have taken the courses you are taking and have earned an ‘A’ in those courses. You can also schedule an appointment with a tutor online through the Star System ( or go to walk-in tutoring hours. A schedule of those hours can be obtained in our office at the reception desk.

Come to our office. We will have you fill out an Add/Drop card and one of our staff members will sign your card. You then take that Add/Drop card to the Registrar’s office. If you are dropping a course that is required for your major; a math, science, or engineering science course, please make an appointment to come see your advisor to fill out the drop card, your advisor can give you information on how that drop will affect the courses you can take, and suggest some options to avoid delay of entry into Professional School. It is also important to remember that you may have a requirement on the number of hours you must take each year for a scholarship. Check with the Scholarships and Financial Aid office if you are unsure of a requirement and need clarification.

Consult your flow chart and Plan of Study to look at the other courses required before professional school, and any pre-requisites for those courses. Make an appointment on the Star System ( to see your advisor. Your advisor can help you figure out any replacement courses, or if necessary seek permission for you to enroll in a closed course. Permission to enroll in closed courses is very rare, and you should not plan on that permission being granted. You can watch SIS for other students drop the course or you can take another course that is open and fits into your plan of study.

Please go to the CEAT Scholarship web page or check with (this page is not for graduates only!). You also should check with the financial aid office to see if you have qualified for any work study hours.

No. CEAT policy states that you must meet with your adviser every semester prior to your hold being removed.

There are! Go to the CEAT Scholarships page or contact our Scholarship Coordinator, Amanda Williams in 201 ATRC, and she can help you find scholarship opportunities.