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Oklahoma State University

Adam Papp

About Adam

I am an advisor for undergraduate students in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechanical engineering technology. I feel at home on college campuses and aim to help students succeed academically and personally.  I like to travel to new places and experience nature.

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

College: Indiana-Purdue University / Eastern Michigan University

BA: German Language and Literature

MA: Higher Education Student Affairs

Hobbies: Soccer, tennis, learning piano, writing stories

Favorite Music: Indie, pop, electronic, orchestral…all kinds of genres, always looking to discover new music.

Favorite Movie: Castle in the Sky

Favorite Book: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Favorite Vacation Spot: Munising, Michigan

Something not everyone knows about you: I played semi-professional soccer for a couple seasons in Germany (when I was young and spry)

Favorite Quote: Do not let success go to your head. Do not let failure go to your heart.

Best advice for college students: Your most significant experiences will happen when you step outside your comfort zone.  Stay open to new experiences and new people, and be honest to yourself and others.